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ONLY after that you can post your listings.

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- You can add 5 ( five ) of your listings in our website for free, please do it in ENGLISH, this website is optimized to show in search results for the North American Market mostly ( Canada - USA ) 
If you want to have more listings in our awesome website the annual membership is just  $9.99 wow right!  yes that is per year, unlimited properties ( paypal / debit or credit card )

- Please do not post twice the same property. 

- If two Brokers / Agents / Owners post the same property, BOTH Listings will be deleted until one Broker / Agent / Owner will show proof of exclusivity.

- We rather you post exclusive listings ( meaning you are the only one authorize to sale and market the property, or is legally yours ).

- You can add your website link to the listing but ONLY ONE LINK ( Listings with more than one link will be deactivated.

- If you need to add a new CITY to the website, please do it, we will review it and approve it if you are correct.

- Prices need to be in US DOLLARS 

- THIS IS NOT A VACATION RENTAL WEBSITE - any vacation rental post will be delete it.



- Special offer properties are the ones that you can look first at the home page of our website

- Special offer properties have their own page to look for properties

- Special offer properties show first on the main search of our website 

- Special offer properties are $4,99 per a period of 3 months ( 90 days ) 

- Special offer properties get also included in our monthly newsletter at least once in a 90 days period. 

- Special offer properties also get posted in our Facebook / Twitter fan page with over 18K REAL fans of For Sale Costa Rica Real


If you will like to upload your membership or featured your property as Special Offer please CONTACT US HERE