Costa Rica Real Estate Advertisement - Social Media or Web Portals?

Date created 05.05.2018 16:40:40
Costa Rica Real Estate Advertisement - Social Media or Web Portals?

Are you still posting properties for sale in Facebook and Linkedin?

The power of social media in our time, right in our hands, we know what's happening in the world,
at the actual time, and in an instant millions of people can write their opinions freely and share it with the rest,
millions of people are connected at least to one of the most popular communities in the world, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter,
to name the ones at the top. This benefit of sharing and to see what the others are looking into, is one of  the main reason of why you post for sale your old video games, your car and  furniture, anything that you can sell, you can try to sell it on social media

Why the Real Estate Market is different?
Location, location!.  The number one real estate fact.   Sometimes property owners and real estate brokers/agents, without giving it too much thought, spent uncountable human hours or staff time in posting properties in many, and sometimes too many groups and social media at the same time.

For instance, chances are someone that is following you at least on one of your social media accounts is also following you on another one. Every day, if you keep posting so repeatedly,  your followers will start to ignore your daily posts when they realize is what you only do in social, people do not block accounts lightly and even if is for just curiosity because Costa Rica properties for sale are always cool to look, they will keep been your "friends" but is not exactly the effect that you are looking for.

Believe me, our office used to pay an assistant only to post the properties all over the social media, years of paying staff combined with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram's campaigns money.
The advertisements and posts for the rentals were a great success, but for the strong part of the business ,meaning the sales, it was not "converting" as much as we estimated.  When I started to look at the analytics in a deeper way and compare where the converting sales traffic was coming from. The results were not a surprise.

A very well designed web page of your business,  and to post your properties in portals such as For Sale Costa Rica Real Estate if you are a property owner is the best way to save your time.  Why?  People that write on their search : costa rica properties for sale, invest in costa rica or costa rica real estate listings are  the clientele that is ready, with questions, that are interested in looking and with money in their hands (at least for the initial deposit) so that's why it is so important that your efforts, time and money go straight where the sale is most likely to happen.
Costa Rica property owners and Broker/Agents now have the chance to post their listings in Costa Rica, for FREE at a website designed to bring people that are ready to browse Costa Rica Listings for sale in a safe SSL environment, FOR FREE up to 5 properties and (or) if you are a broker and you need to post more than 5 Costa Rica properties for sale just click on the " Brokers/Agents area for more info.

A few likes here and there on the listings that you post are good, people will see your brand, your property, they might click to your website, even re/post or tag their friends, you got to make some noise out there and that is good! We are not saying it's NOT. But for the objective to sale properties in Costa Rica might not be ideal. You are welcome to post up to 5 properties for sale in Costa Rica now for free at to start the engines to sale your property in Costa Rica.